Video Template, Restaurant Review


1. Hook

Visual: A. Storefront signage (for banner if active) B. Expression of Human Emotion, C. Go4Food Animated Logo Lower Third

Audio: Tease statement or question such as “What’s the best Tai Restaurant in Sacramento’s Pocket Area?”

2. Cuisine

Visual: Ambiance, b-roll of entrance, unique dining area decor, menu item(s), appetizers, food/dishes upon arrival to the table, temperature, side dishes, reactions to first tastings

Audio: Food Category, name of dish, ingredients (read menu item), sweet/savory, texture, and flavor.

3. Service

Show it via the host, manager, wait staff smiles, body language, humor. Use Closed caption text for both, the hearing impaired and to visually engage viewers.

4. Call to Action

Visual: Static QR Code to Restaurant Profile on, Call to action via bold clear text “Follow” or “Subscribe”. Also, in the video description, paste the Go4Food URL of the Restaurant.

Audio: Call to action i.e. “Follow or Susbcribe” or “to learn more about this restaurant, or to order for delivery, scan the QR Code or click on the link in the video description”.

5. Location

Visual: Overlay the restaurant’s address over the Map Zoom as it zooms from the State, to city, to neighborhood and stoping briefly to where the nearest cross streets are visible.

Audio: For excellent (____) Cuisine at City, State, Neighborhood, Specifically at (address)


Per Scene: 1-4 Seconds

Total: 15-60 Seconds, Video Shorts/Reels


1 . Choose a Restaurant to do Video on.

2. See if it’s already on the by clicking on the “Get Nearby” link and zooming in to where the restaurant should be on the Go4Food map.

A. If no, as a Site Developer, register business on Use Correct Business name, cuisine category, hours, claim listing banner.

B. If yes, click on link to go the restaurant’s business profile page on the Go4Food website.

3. Copy the URL (web link) of the business profile page on Go4Food’s website.

4. Create Code to the business profile page on Go4Food’s website by pasting link into the correct “Static” field on the website

5. Create the Map Zoom Video by using your phone to record your screen as you zoom out or in from the restaurant location to neighborhood, city, state. For privacy, you may deactivate your immediate location on your phone settings prior to recording the video.

6. Record your audio of the above completed audio lines “________” by using your preferred audio app, such as iPhone’s Voice Memo App. Or, if you’d rather not use your voice, you may use text to voice apps to generate text to a number of voices, languages, and accents which are available using CapCut App.

7. Use your preferred video editing software/app such as CapCut to compile your audio, Go4Food Animated Logo Intro, and your food photos/videos, QR Code, to complete the video.

8. Upload the completed video to your favorite social media. On the video descriptions enter the URL (web link) of the business profile page on Go4Food’s website so that customers can easily click on the link and see the menu items and place orders via the marketplace.

9. Go to the Restaurant’s profile page on Go4Food, reviews tab, and place link to your video. This allows us to provide all reviews, comments and media, to be available where customers are deciding what to order.

10. Share your video uploaded video on your social media to groups, communities, and via text messaging apps with friends and family.