Pay Model, Deliverer

Go4Foodie (Deliverer) Pay Model Effective 12-27-2023

We know that Go4Foodies have a lot of choices, which is why we’ve created a pay model that is designed to make earnings fair and transparent for every delivery. Below is more detailed information about how earnings work.

Net Base Pay+        Tips       =Total Earnings
Go4Foodie sets own payand gets 100% of tips!
May set different pay for each vendor!

Gross Base Pay

The Gross Base Pay is set by each Go4Foodie for each vendor they follow and charged to the customer. It may be a flat rate or percentage of the subtotal of the food order amount. 

Net Base Pay

The Net Base Pay is 85% of the Gross Base Pay. The Net Base Pay will be added to the Go4Foodie’s Total Earnings. 

Competitive Gross Base Pay

Go4Foodies are encouraged to consider the estimated time, distance, desirability, and other Go4Foodies Gross Base Pay amounts for that vendor when selecting their base pay for each specific vendor. Deliveries that require Go4Foodies to travel a longer distance, that are expected to take more time, and that are less popular with Go4Foodies may justify a higher base pay.


When using Go4Food, customers can generally choose to leave a tip when they check out or after the delivery is completed. 100% of tips received by Go4Food will go to the Go4Foodie on top of the Net Base Pay.

If a customer adds a post-checkout tip on any previous order, the Go4Foodie will receive a notification that they’ve received an additional tip and can find an updated earnings breakdown for that delivery in their Go4Foodie app’s earnings tab.

In some cases, customers place orders through merchants directly and are not given the option to provide a tip on an order. This does not mean the customer chose not to leave a tip – it means they were not given the opportunity to leave a tip when they placed their order.

Acceptance Screen

The offer amount Go4Foodies see on the acceptance screen may be the Gross Base Pay amount during our current beta testing. A future upgrade will show the Net Base Pay that they will earn for each delivery. Total earnings upon the completion of the delivery will be based on the Net Base Pay plus Tip. Go4Foodies will see that reflected immediately in their earnings for that delivery upon completion.

When do Go4Foodies get paid?

Go4Foodies have a variety of  payout options available to them. How and when Go4Foodies get paid depends on their chosen payout method and certain eligibility requirements. Read more about each option below.

  • Weekly Direct Deposit

Through Direct Deposit, Go4Foodies get paid on a weekly basis for all deliveries completed between Monday – Sunday of the previous week (ending Sunday at midnight). Payments are transferred at that time directly to a bank account with a 2-3 day processing period and usually appear by Wednesday night. When a Federal holiday falls on Monday, you may see a one day delay from when you normally receive your pay.

  • Fast Pay

Fast Pay gives most Go4Foodies the ability to cash out their earnings daily rather than waiting for their weekly direct deposit.

Note that Go4Foodies must have a debit card – not a prepaid card – associated with their Go4Foodie account in order to use Fast Pay.

Learn more and see the applicable terms and eligibility restrictions for Fast Pay in the US here.

  • Cash on Delivery

Go4Foodies may also have the opportunity to receive Cash on Delivery orders where they will collect cash payment from the customer. The cash amount received, excluding tip, will be deducted from the Go4Foodie’s next payout. Learn more about Cash on Delivery here.