Site Developer

Job Specification

Effective 10-25-2023

What Is a Site Developer?

A website (site) developer is a Go4Food Independent Contractor whose primary goal is to help Go4Food and its vendors and go4foodies increase revenue. In this role, you develop vendor websites using the platform to attract new and engage existing customers, go4foodies, vendors, and specifically the owner(s) of the business for the site created. Regardless of where you work, your goals are to determine customer choices, add value to the company, and improve consumer engagement. You work closely with the marketing and advertising departments as well as product and services design. Site developers work in business-to-business, business-to-customer, and non-profit sectors.

How to Become a Site Developer

To become a Site Developer, you need to sign up and be approved as a Go4Food Independent Contractor (Go4Foodie). It is preferable but not required to have website developer experience. You must also read, sign, and submit a Site Developer Agreement to Go4Food.

How to Be a Good Site Developer

A good site developer identifies vendors (food merchants) within close proximity of their residence, researches, specifically using the map, to ensure there is no existing site and thereby avoid creating a duplicate site for a vendor, creates sites, for those vendors not already listed on Go4Food, by using the “ADD YOUR BUSINESS” burgundy button at the bottom of the homepage on or at Merchant Register web page at The banner image for the listing will be a Claim your Listing yellow banner with black lettering clearly stating the listing (site) is available to be claimed by the business owner.  The Vendor address must be entered accurately and corresponding map pin visible in the Go4Food map. The Business Name must be the name of the business. However, the contact name, business phone, and e-mail address may be the contact information for the Site Developer. Once claimed (paid for) by the owner of the business, Go4Food will you use this information to identify who to pay for the creation of this site, the one time compensation, as agreed in the Site Developer Agreement.  

Site Developer Job Description

The Site Developer creates business websites using the platform proactively on their accord and in response to requests or as contracted by Vendors (Business owners/mangers), Business Developers, and Go4Food management.

Job Summary

We are looking for experienced and motivated Site Developers to become Go4Food Independent Contractors. The successful Site Developer will be responsible for developing and activating business profiles for food businesses (vendors) that will increase our Go4Food’s market share and profitability in the food delivery industry.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identify local businesses without a Go4Food Business Profile
  • Ensure no map pin already exists for identified businesses
  • Develop Business (Vendor) Profiles for food businesses (vendors)
  • Develop Business Profiles with Claim Listing Banner proactively or complete with Business (owner/manager) approved banner when claimed and/or contracted by the business.
  • Complete and manage contracted business account.
  • Research Vendor contact information
  • Market personally developed Claim Listing Business Profiles to their respective Vendors (Business Owners/Managers)
  • Release business profile upon successful listing claim by Vendor

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Business, Marketing, or related field is preferable but not required
  • Able to use the Go4Food Get Nearby Map 
  • Able to Add Businesses to the
  • Able to complete all fields of the business account on behalf of vendors (business owners/managers)
  • Proven track record of success in developing and completing Claim Listings
  • Proactive, self-starter and able to work independently
  • Able to manage and market multiple Vendor accounts